Winning Diego’s Trust – June 10, 2016

Crystal recently adopted Diego, a rescued 1 1/2 year old Palomino Quarter horse colt. Diego had been chased into a trailer when rescued a year ago and has not been handled since then. He has never been haltered, had his hooves trimmed or been gelded. We spent an hour earning his trust by lying on the ground and letting him […]

Hannah Rides Kami in Pasture – May 29, 2016

Today was a red letter day of progress for Hannah and Kami. Hannah finally trusted herself to ride Kami in wide open spaces. Hannah started with liberty in the arena, then hopped on Kami and did follow the rail and weave the cones, pivoted 360 degrees on the pedestal and did step up on the cavaletti. With that working, she started […]

Chansonette’s First Ride on Kami – May 26, 2016

What a wonderful session with Chansonette and Kami. Kami and I had such a good time with you! I love your write up. You really capture the highlights. It took all the skills you learned with Mystic and a strong dose of confidence and relaxation to achieve what you did today.  Riding Kami is like being on a teeter totter […]

Chansonette’s Lesson – May 19, 2016

Chansonette’s Lesson Summary: another great lesson at mystic ranch this morning. we got rained out after an hour so had to cut it short, but it was really productive in so many ways. first off, when i showed up and leaned against the fence mystic saw me and came over to say hello. that is a first, and i took […]

Chansonette’s Lesson – Power of Focus May 16, 2016

Chansonette did a great job below describing her lesson with Mystic today. Watching her play with Mystic at liberty, it was clear that the two of them were having a good time. Mounted up, it took a lap of the arena to get neutral and straight working. It really didn’t take long at all before Chansonette was dropping the reins […]

Emma’s Second Lesson

Emma came out for her second lesson with Mystic.  We started getting her in time with Mystic’s feet at liberty on the ground.  He was a bit distracted at first, but after a few walk – whoas and turns, he synced up with her and the two were moving as one.  She mounted up and we focused on having Emma feel […]

Givan Ranch Trail Ride – May 2016

Diann Kuzma and I took a trail ride at Givan Ranch Monday. It was a perfect Spring day, with lush green grass for the horses.  The Rogue River was stunning and we got in some nice trots and canters and Taxi even jumped a downed tree. A perfect ride on a perfect day. “Born to Ride” by Mary Ann Kennedy […]

Hannah Takes Her First Trail Ride – May 2016

Hannah took another step into living her dream when she rode Mystic out on the trail Sunday – her first time off our property.  It was a gorgeous day, the landscape was lush and beautiful and the horses were perfect!  Hannah did great when Mystic asked if he could go faster. She sighed him down and he accepted her request […]