Let’s Talk About Fear

Everyone experiences fear though many are ashamed to admit to it, may even deny that they feel fear.  Being around or on top of horses often triggers fear.  They are big animals, easily frightened and if they run into you or you fall off of them you can be badly hurt. Fear is your brain’s way of trying to keep […]

Farewell Cisco, My Man – Sept 2015

It is with great sadness that I report that Val’s 31 year old Cisco had a stroke and died at the ranch.  For those of you who knew him, Cisco was a consummate gentleman with horses and humans. He adored his Val and wherever he was in the pasture, if she called to him, he would always come to her. He […]

Anne Graduates Parelli Level 3 – Sept 2015

I am very proud to announce that Anne Frankowski just received her official Level 3 graduate certificate from Parelli.  She completed her on-line level 3 back in 2013.  She completed her liberty and freestyle riding level 3 this summer, with, of course, her darling Maia. Well done Anne and Maia.  I am so proud of you both!

Diann & Tracy Horse Ride at Crescent Beach – Sept 2015

Diann, Tracy and I left a hot Rogue Valley and took Taxi, Maia and Tori to Crescent Beach in Crescent City, California. It was Taxi’s first time at the Pacific Ocean and he rocked it, such a brave and confident boy. Maia and Tori are old hands at the ocean, but sea birds, dead rays, driftwood and sculptures made of […]

Robin is Back in the Saddle Again – Sept 2015

Three months after breaking her pelvis, Robin Keeton rode her Rocky Mountain mare, Reba, cantering down the Pacific Ocean beach at Crescent City, California. What an amazing woman and what a fantastic physical recovery! I am in awe of Robin’s determination.  Music by Mary Ann Kennedy, is used with the permission of the artist: Mares & Born to Ride.

Driving Mystic off of Tori – August 2015

I watched Carole Mercer driving her lovely Morgan while riding another horse side saddle.  Inspired, Anne and I went out and refreshed Mystic on driving, then hopped on Tori and tried it out. It is harder than it looks!  To begin with, Tori was not thrilled having her head between the two reins running to Mystic.  She kept trying to […]

Play Date at Mystic Ranch – August 2015

Mystic Ranch hosted a play date in August 2015. For the first hour, we turned 16 horses free to play together in our wooded trail course. The horses had a blast interacting with each other and racing each other. No fights and no injuries, just true “horsin’ around.” Once they settled, people played on the ground and rode their horses […]

Crescent Beach Ride with Anne & Nadja – Aug 2015

The wildfire smoke in the Rogue Valley was oppressive so Anne, Nadja and I escaped to the ocean at Crescent City, CA where we spent a lovely afternoon walking Crescent Beach and then riding our Paso Finos on a loose rein, cantering them, racing even, and having them slow and stop to our sigh. It was Tessa’s first time at […]

Sunriver & Oregon Horse Center Adventures – Aug 2015

This video highlights our horse vacation at Sunriver, Oregon, riding the scenic Deschutes National Forest and kayaking the river before going to the Oregon Horse Center for Team Penning, Cowboy Dressage and Mountain Trail clinics. We had a fantastic time with our three Paso Fino mares, Tori, Maia and Tessa. Music by Mary Ann Kennedy is used with the permission […]