Flexn’ Fork Ad – Mar 2018

Tessa gives a personal endorsement for using the Flexn’ Fork manure fork as a shedding tool. Made by Equi-Tee Manufacturing in the Rogue Valley, these are the world’s best manure forks.

A Purrfect Cat Christmas

Alpha cat and Charlie cat loved having Anne visit us for Christmas. From playing under the Christmas tree, to snuggling on the couch and sharing our bed, the cats made our Christmas special. We Share the Earth by Mary Ann Kennedy is used with the permission of the artist.

Playing with Connection with Anne – Feb 2018

Anne and I had a blast playing with connection with our horses over Christmas. We strengthened our bond by sitting in a chair without treats 30 feet from the horses’ haynets. The horses would join us in moments, asking for scratches and giving us kisses. We invited the horses to play with us at liberty on the ground in the […]

Playing with Freedom with Nadja – Jan 2018

Some of my favorite times with horses are when we play with freedom: having a horse run at liberty with us as we trail ride, taking off halters and reins and riding a trail with just a neck string, riding in the pasture bareback and with a neck string or with nothing at all on the horse, cantering down an […]

Mystique and Tsumago – Jan 2018

Mystique, a lovely black Peruvian Paso mare, arrived in mid December and a week later Tsumago, a long yearling Appaloosa, arrived at the ranch.  Two horses in a strange place and not yet accepted by the herd, lonely and scared until they found each other and formed a deep friendship.  Music by Mary Ann Kennedy is used with the permission of […]

Nadja’s 2017 Mystic Ranch Visit – Sept 2017

This is a video highlighting Nadja’s 2017 visit to Mystic Ranch, including trail rides to Givan Ranch, beach rides at Crescent Beach, jumping horses, riding horses bareback and with a neck string and playing at liberty. Music is by Mary Ann Kennedy and is used with the permission of the artist.