Trail Course Ready – November 2006

The trail course is in operation and has proven to be a great tool to help horses learn to face scary things and trust their rider to keep them safe. It is situated in the woods next to the private road, with a bridle path around the outside and the obstacles on various trails criss-crossing the woods. You can ask […]

Dressage Arena Fenced and Lighted in 2006

We completed our new full-sized dressage arena, fenced it off from the pasture and installed the arena lights. The arena is located in the woods in the pasture, just off the obstacle course.  We have been using it this winter and are delighted with how well the decomposed granite surface drains.  What a terrific playground when you want something bigger […]

Round Pen Lighted in 2006

In 2006 we also installed lights for the round pen so that students and boarders can continue to ride or train their horses after the sun sets during short winter days.

7 new Horses and 20 New Students in 2007

We had seven new horses come to us to be started under saddle in 2007 and and over 20 new students coming to learn natural horsemanship from us in 2007. Be sure to read Jackie’s training case studies and customer testimonials about some of those experiences.

Paso Demonstrations – August 2006

With Mystic and Suena, we continued giving Paso Fino breed demonstrations at EquiFair and Equamore in 2006, showing off this amazingly smooth and responsive breed of horse. As a result of these demonstrations we continue to have people stopping by the ranch to “experience the difference” of a Paso Fino trained with natural horsemanship. We love the visitors and our […]

Iris Bridle-less Demo – August 2006

One of our students, Iris Stark, has just finished her first year of lessons, and what a difference a year makes. Jackie and Iris gave a horse whispering demonstration at the Eagle Point Library Animal Day in August. Iris wowed the crowd of kids who watched her have Mystic change gaits and directions at liberty, follow her around like a faithful […]

Trail Riding in Southern Oregon – August 2006

We continued to explore the beautiful trails in the backcountry of Southern Oregon and took Mystic and Tessa through the Southern Oregon Trail Trials this summer. Whether riding with friends or with the Jackson County Horseman’s Association, it is hard to beat a day spent in beautiful country with your horse.

Kami – July 1, 2006

On July 1, 2006,  Talaria gave birth to a beautiful chestnut filly. We named her Kami, which means “natural spirit” in Japanese.  Growing up with  natural horsemanship, this little filly has boundless trust in people and little fear of things around her. Like all Pasos, she was gaiting smoothly within hours of her birth. Kami arrived just in time and […]