Pear Blossom Parade – April 2104

April 12 dawned bright and beautiful and we had the best Pear Blossom Parade ever!  Nadja rode her Prince and I rode Tori and both horses were fantastic, with record crowds and entrants in the parade.  What a great way to start the day!

Filming at the Ranch – March 2014

Marc Wells called and asked if they could shoot the closing scene of his film Courage of Two at Mystic Ranch.  He told me that Courage of Two was based on the true story of his son’s meeting a young boy suffering from cancer in the hospital, forming a deep friendship and, after his friend died from cancer, deciding to […]

Farewell Ruby Love – January 2014

We bid a sad farewell to our Australian Shepherd, Ruby, who had a stroke and died today.  Ruby had originally belonged to our next door neighbor, but when the husband and wife broke up, somehow Ruby fell between the cracks.  She came over to visit Mocha for company, we fed this hungry girl and she asked if she could stay.  […]

New Year’s Play Date – January 2014

New Year’s play day fun with Karen, Nadja & Katie doing liberty in the trail course, jumping, sideways, pedestals, horse soccer, pairs riding, leg yielding through the cones, carrying tarps and playing with the garrocha pole. Mary Ann Kennedy’s “Horsin Around” and “Horses and Life” are perfect for our play day fun. Music included with the permission of the artist.

Hoofprints in the Snow – December 2013

We had a blizzard blow into the Rogue Valley, carpeting everything in snow. The horses had a blast playing in the snow and Nadja, Katie and I had a fun time riding in the winter wonderland. Mary Ann Kennedy’s Hoofprints in the Snow is the perfect accompaniment to this video and is included with the permission of the artist.

Samantha the Mule – Nov 2013

John brought his molly mule, Samantha, over and asked me to help the two of them get a better understanding of each other.  Samantha was happy to carry John as long as someone led her, but if he tried to ride her on his own, she wouldn’t budge.  Spanking her or kicking her resulted in her looking at you as […]

Prince Teaches Nadja Happiness – November 2013

One of the unique parts of Nadja’s relationship with Prince is the way in which he will leave her when she becomes either unhappy or too direct line.  She has developed the habit when he leaves of dropping to the ground and taking a moment to center and balance herself, often by playing with Lacey.  As Nadja returns to relaxation […]

Prince Mountain Trail Clinic – October 2013

Nadja and I took Prince and Kami up to the Oregon Horse Center in Eugene for the Mountain Trail Clinic and Beginning Cow clinic.  Prince was a rock star, acing every obstacle for Nadja.  Kami was good at everything except a few of the more exotic water crossings.  Very proud of Nadja and the two horses!