Lindemuth Mystic Ranch Vacation – July 2015

Come along as Alyssa masters cantering Mystic on the trail, Val entices Cisco into splashing and going deep into the pond and then into the waves at the ocean, Erik discovers the fun of cantering, and the whole family enjoys the Family Fun Center. Cisco passed away a month later so the memories of this adventure are all the more […]

Pond Play – July 2015

The day was hot but Jackie, Anne, Diann and Hannah wanted to play with our horses. We went down and cleaned the weeds out of the pond, then invited the horses to join us in the pond to play. What a great way to spend a hot day.  The music is by Mary Ann Kennedy and is used with the […]

Julia’s Family Adventures – June 2015

Julia’s family joined her to spend two weeks at Mystic Ranch and a week traveling in California. Julia showed them the wonderful relationship she had developed with Kami, our Paso Fino mare, playing with her at liberty and riding her bridle-less. Julia also got to help teach them all natural horsemanship, astounding them when they discovered that they too could […]

Julia’s Oregon Adventures Part II – June 2015

This video highlights the second half of Julia’s exchange year at Mystic Ranch in southern Oregon, her adventures with Kami, trip to the coast, the prom and welcoming her family as they arrived to visit Mystic Ranch. The music is by Mary Ann Kennedy and is used with the permission of the artist.

Julia Riding Kami with a Neck String – May 2015

Julia and Kami reached an important milestone in their relationship the day that Julia decided to trust Kami enough to ride her in the arena with just the neck string.  The girl who “can’t” just proved that by giving up the control of reins, she can indeed ride her mare with feel and harmony instead.  I am so proud of […]

Robert and Donna Come Visit – May 2015

My brother, Robert, and his wife Donna, stopped by for a visit and I got to take Robert out on a trail ride. When we were kids, we lived on our horses.  Riding with Robert again brought back so many happy memories .  It was great to see my brother riding my Mystic son.  You never lose it, you know!

Hanging out on a Spring Day – May 2015

The day was sunny and warm.  The grass was lush and inviting.  Julia and I headed down to the woods to turn the herd loose to graze, lie down ourselves and enjoy the day.  Mocha and Julia traded off being each other’s pillow and Kami came over to love on us.  No better way to spend a lovely afternoon.

Sharon’s Mystic Ranch Clinic – May 2015

Sharon came up for a four day clinic with me wanting help trotting in balance and with confidence. We started with ground work, learning to get in time with Mystic’s feet going straight, then doing circles, then moving his hind quarters and then his forehand. We moved on to seat, leg and hand evaluation and correction with Sharon riding bareback, […]