Trick Play with Kami – October 2016

Julia and Kami playing with tricks. Kami knows how to smile, touch, grab, give and step up. She had concerns about some toys that made unexpected noises: a jingle bell toy, a shiny, metallic, crinkly space blanket and a red ball that squeaked when grabbed. Watch how Julia and Kami overcame Kami’s concerns about these toys through patience and rewarding […]

Beach Ride with Robin – October 2016

Robin and I took a weekend ride on the beach at Crescent City, Oregon with her two mares: Reba and Shiloh. It was a magical, healing time. Music: When You Carry Me and Trail Less Traveled by Mary Ann Kennedy is used with the permission of the artist. Enjoy!

Nadja’s 2016 Mystic Ranch Vacation – Sept 2016

We were lucky to have our Nadja come back from Germany to spend two weeks with us at Mystic Ranch. She played with Tessa on the ground and Diann was kind enough to let her ride her Taxi. This video highlights the ground play, liberty, trail rides, and exploring the wonderful things she could do with Taxi. Music by Mary […]

Play Time at Mystic Ranch – Sept 2016

The autumn weather has been perfect for horse play – at liberty in the trail course, riding the trails, doing drill riding, playing with Kami at liberty off of another horse, jumping cavaletti, riding bridle-less in the arena and pasture and through the pond. What fun! Music by Mary Ann Kennedy is used with the permission of the artist.

Hannah Does Liberty with Kami on Trail – August 2016

Hannah came out for a lesson today. She rode Mystic on trail, with Kami running free with us. At first Kami ignored Hannah, leading the way on the trail or coming back to me to smile and get scratched. She finally found Hannah and the two of them connected together – at liberty, in a large space, with only love […]

Lindsey Playing with Kami – August 2016

Lindsey came out for a ride with Mystic and invited Kami to join them. There is something magical about having Kami along on a trail ride. With all that space, green grass and distractions, you have to be honored when she says she wants to be with you. Sometimes she leads, sometimes she follows, but when she syncs up with […]

Hannah’s First Trail Ride with Kami

Hannah took her first trail ride with Kami. Interestingly, Hannah’s confidence was strong and it was Kami who had doubts, pausing to consider whether she would go forward. Hannah patiently waited for Kami to think it through and Kami responded by leading the way. They came to a hill that Kami loves to canter up. Hannah sighed and touched the […]

Chansonette’s Lesson with Kami

Chansonette had an amazing lesson with Kami girl this morning. Last week, Chansonette had some difficulty with her “go” and “stop” body language so we practiced both on the ball in the tack room before we went out to get the horses. Chansonette was going to do her lesson with Mystic, but when we went out to the pasture to […]

Hannah’s Lesson with Kami

What an amazing lesson Hannah had with Kami yesterday. The week before Hannah had been tense and it made Kami unhappy. Understand, Kami loves Hannah. For over a year now, When Kami sees Hannah arrive she generally whinnies and comes right over asking her to play. Yesterday, when Hannah called to her on her arrival, Kami stood in the corner […]

Play Date Fun June 2016

We had a play date last Sunday at the ranch. It was a hot day, but the trail course was a cool place to watch the horses play together and then play with them ourselves. Before breaking for a potluck lunch, we converged on the pond and the horses had a blast, splashing and even lying down in the water. […]