Chansonette’s Lesson March 2016

Chansonette did a lesson on Mystic today.  She started at liberty, then focused on riding him with her seat, energy, relaxation and legs.  Kami came up to the arena as we finished and asked to do liberty with Chansonette. Now Chansonette was riding two horses:  Mystic and Kami, bringing up energy to speed them, sighing to slow them down and […]

A Picture of Confidence March 2016

Hannah made a breakthrough riding Kami.  The trust, relaxation and confidence that Hannah felt was mirrored by Kami in her posture and movement.  Hannah rode Kami beautifully, using her seat and legs in an invisible dance of harmony.  I am so proud of both of them!  Well done!

Hannah’s First Ride on Kami March 2016

Hannah fell in love with Kami over a year ago but was afraid to ride. Rather than give up on her dream of riding Kami, she learned to teach Kami tricks and to play with her at liberty, learning a lot about reading Kami’s emotions and using her body language to communicate with Kami. Finally, she took the leap of […]

Grooming an Itchy Tori March 2016

It is shedding season and Tori is itchy.  She asked me to scratch her and reciprocated by grooming me in return.  After I gave her relief from one itch, she identified another, then lifted her hind leg to ask me to scratch it too!  It is so much fun making your equine friend feel good!  “Horses and Life” by Mary […]

Kami Does Liberty with Tori February 2016

Kami volunteers to do liberty with me when I am riding Tori, weaving the cones, circling, stopping and doing a figure eight.  I didn’t teach Kami to do this by driving her next to us with a whip.  Mirroring us was Kami’s idea.  All I did was wait for her if she fell behind and sigh her to a halt […]

Maia Safely Delivered to Anne in Hamburg – Jan 2016

I am happy to announce that Maia was safely delivered to Anne Frankowski in Hamburg, Germany.  It was a long trying journey, with almost two months of quarantine in Dallas, Texas and a flight to Frankfort, but she has found her permanent home with the girl of her heart.  Anne was kind enough to Skype with us so we got […]

Farewell Maia Love – Off to Your Anne – Nov 2015

Maia left the ranch today, en route to Hamburg, Germany.  I picked up this filly the day she was born and have loved her for her entire life.  Anne came to the ranch in 2012 and fell in love with Maia and won her heart.  From that moment on, Maia has been Anne’s horse.  Ron and I just acknowledged reality […]

Anne’s Oregon Adventures 2012 to 2015

This video is a loving reflection on Anne Frankowski’s many equestrian adventures in Oregon from 2012 through 2015. Anne was our first German exchange student and returned to visit each of the next two summers. She fell in love with our Paso Fino mare, Maia, and Maia returned her love, convinced that whatever Anne asked, Maia could do. From doing […]

Nadja’s Oregon Adventures 2013 to 2015

This video is a loving reflection of Nadja Rietdorff’s many equestrian adventures with us at Mystic Ranch. Nadja was our German exchange student from 2013 to 2014. She fell in love with our Paso Fino gelding, Prince. Together they explored Oregon trails, rode the Pacific Ocean beach and California redwoods, took a Mountain Trail clinic, learned to jump and ride […]

Julia’s Oregon Adventures 2014 to 2015

This video is a loving reflection of Julia Kauschke’s equestrian development and adventures while an exchange student at Mystic Ranch. Julia never knew you could play with a horse on the ground or teach them to do tricks. She had never ridden without a saddle or bridle back in Germany. Riding without reins at all seemed impossible! Julia fell in […]