Hannah Rides Kami in Pasture – May 29, 2016

Today was a red letter day of progress for Hannah and Kami. Hannah finally trusted herself to ride Kami in wide open spaces. Hannah started with liberty in the arena, then hopped on Kami and did follow the rail and weave the cones, pivoted 360 degrees on the pedestal and did step up on the cavaletti. With that working, she started trotting Kami in the arena, stopping her with a sigh. When Hannah was confident and used correct body language, Kami stopped dead. If Hannah froze, Kami would dribble to a halt, uncertain, but trying hard. Now it was time for the big leap. We rode out into the woods and did some point to point between trees and then weaved the trees, all flawlessly. Since Kami was trying so hard, we went into the pasture and Hannah did some point to point in the pasture, did circles and about a half dozen trot to halt transitions to Hannah’s sigh before riding her back to the barn at the end of her lesson. So very proud of Hannah!  She is living her dream!


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