Teaching Maia to Swim – June 2013

Anne has taught Maia to swim in our pond. She started by walking Maia deeper and deeper into the pond until Maia had to swim. Next she rode Maia into the pond and Maia went into the deep end and swam with Anne on her. From being a source of doubt, swimming has become their favorite thing to do on […]

Anne’s On Line Audition – Passed Level 3+ – May 2013

Anne Frankowski and Maia, our 6 year old Paso Fino mare, doing their Parelli Level 3 On-Line Audition at Mystic Paso Fino Ranch. Anne Frankowski received an email from Parelli July 26, 2013 saying that she passed her Level 3 On-Line Audition. She received Level 4 ratings for her Friendly game and Squeeze game (that amazing liberty trailer loading from […]

Soul of the Horse – April 2013

If you love the soul of a horse, then you love the things that bring them joy and the magical harmony that comes of fitting into their world. Sit back and enjoy the beautiful horses of Mystic Ranch enjoying their life.  The music of Mary Ann Kennedy, used with her permission, is a perfect accompaniment to this video.

JCHA in 2013 Pear Blossom Parade – April 2013

Anne and Maia ride with the Jackson County Horseman’s Association in the 2013 Pear Blossom Parade.  It was the first time either Anne or Maia were in a parade and they handled it like Pros!  The video uses “I Wish I Had A Horse” by Mary Ann Kennedy. Music used with permission of the artist.

Anne’s Spring Horse Trip to the Coast – March 2013

Horse adventures at the Pacific Ocean. Join Jackie Decker, Anne Frankowski and Katie Schuessler on a trail ride through pines and dunes, walk and ride down the beach and through the waves set to the magical music of Mary Ann Kennedy: Heart in Your Hand, Horses & Life and When You Carry Me. Music used with the permission of the […]