2015 Pear Blossom Parade – April 2015

Jackie rode Tori and Julia rode Kami with the Jackson County Horseman’s Association in the 2015 Rogue Valley Pear Blossom Parade April 2015 in Medford, Oregon. It was raining and the streets were full of umbrellas, people with slickers and covers from the rain, but Kami had nary a spook!  So proud of Julia and her Kami girl. Music by […]

Leadership at the California Coast – March 2015

This is the story of Julia demonstrating leadership with Kami at the California coast, helping Kami overcome her fear of the ocean to play at liberty by the surf, and enjoy a relaxed canter down the beach. We also rode the Redwoods, going into a huge Redwood stump and enjoying the majesty of the Redwoods. At one point, Kami slipped […]

Hannah & Kami’s Story – February 2015

Hannah & Kami are like two sides of the same coin. Talented and smart, they didn’t believe in themselves, but they loved and believed in each other. In this video, you watch them learn trust in each other and confidence in their abilities as they unlock their sense of play, freedom and joy. I take great joy in watching these […]

Julia’s Mystic Ranch Christmas 2014

Julia took advantage of her Christmas break to play with Kami. They did a lot of liberty in the arena and trail course, explored bridle-less riding, started to learn to jump on Mystic and enjoyed lots of rides. No snow, but a great Christmas break from school. Music by Mary Ann Kennedy is used with the permission of the artist.

Training Jackson – December 2014

Terry Palmer asked me to work with her Tennessee Walking Horse gelding, Jackson.  Jackson would not stand still to be mounted or just to hang around, he was constantly looking left and right rather than where he was going, pulled hard enough that you needed a Vicodin at the end of the day and was so on his forehand that […]

Driving Walker – December 2014

Sheral DuBry came by with Walker and his cart and gave Julia and me a lesson in driving Walker.  We had such a blast.  That little guy is just the best! Walker is one of Mystic’s old friends so after we finished with the driving lesson, Walker and Mystic got to play together in the trail course.  A fun time […]