Chansonette’s Birthday Ride – April 2017

Chansonette came out for a birthday trail ride riding Mystic, while I rode Tori and Kami ran free. The Spring grass was waving in the breeze, tempting the horses to dive in and graze. The trail had dried out enough to do a canter up the hill. Kami finished up by giving Chansonette a smile and a birthday kiss. Music […]

Anne’s Spring Break Visit – April 2017

Anne Frankowski surprised us by flying in from Germany to spend her Spring break at Mystic Ranch. We filled our days with horse fun and learning, including liberty play, trail rides, lessons on long lining from Carole Mercer, dressage and jumping tips from Diann Kuzma, Ron riding Mystic, a Pas de Deux and a tricks, liberty and bareback and bridle-less […]

Spring Ride at Givan Ranch – April 2017

We took a ride at Givan Ranch today. It was perfect. Perfect Spring weather, the air as soft as silk, the wind rustling in the pine trees, the Rogue River flowing fast and free, the horses eager to explore and sharing it all with good friends. “A Trail Less Traveled” by Mary Ann Kennedy is perfect for this video and […]

Mystic and George Horseplay – March 2017

Mystic and George had a great time playing in the arena this afternoon. So many horses are not allowed this kind of freedom – because their owners are afraid they might be hurt. Watch pure joyous horseplay between good friends and perhaps you will allow your horses to experience this kind of play. “We Share the Earth” is by Mary […]

Visiting Sandor and Friends – March 2017

Jenny and Jacquie came over to visit Sandor in the pasture today. He left his grazing to join them and a fine time was had by all feeding the carrots Jenny had brought him. Carrots finished, he played a little tag with Jenny, then took off at a gallop, tail flagged. No way is he 32 years old! Horses and […]

Giving Up Control to Find Harmony

After days of rain, Tori decided she needed to run. Riding her with only a neck string, I could not have stopped her if I had tried, so I happily gave up control to her and let her race. Without force, there can be no resistance and she quickly settled down again and slowed to a sigh. Music by Mary […]

Hoofprints in the Snow – Winter of 2016

This video is a tribute to Mary Ann Kennedy’s wonderful song “Hoofprints in the Snow” and features Mystic Ranch horses and people playing and riding in the beautiful snowy landscape of Southern Oregon in the winter of 2016.  Enjoy!    

Mystic Ranch Healing – Chansonette’s Testimonial

Mystic Ranch Healing When I first got in touch with Jackie, I thought I was going to be learning how to ride. I thought I was going to be taking my sporadic horseback experiences over a lifetime — a year here, a year there, decades apart, and what riding skills I’d gathered over those years, willy nilly — and put […]