Sharon’s Mystic Ranch Clinic – May 2015

Sharon came up for a four day clinic with me wanting help trotting in balance and with confidence. We started with ground work, learning to get in time with Mystic’s feet going straight, then doing circles, then moving his hind quarters and then his forehand. We moved on to seat, leg and hand evaluation and correction with Sharon riding bareback, and riding the trails. We finished with Sharon riding not just relaxed trots on a loose rein, but doing her first canters, sighing Mystic to a halt without touching a rein and riding out Mystic’s crow hop without losing her balance. With that foundation, Sharon let me take off Mystic’s hackamore and she rode him with just the neck string. Wow, what a fantastic transformation in just 4 short days! I am so proud of Sharon and looking forward to hearing how she applies what she learned to her own horse, Prudence, when she gets home. Music is by Mary Ann Kennedy and is used with the permission of the artist.

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