Chansonette’s Lesson with Kami

Chansonette had an amazing lesson with Kami girl this morning. Last week, Chansonette had some difficulty with her “go” and “stop” body language so we practiced both on the ball in the tack room before we went out to get the horses. Chansonette was going to do her lesson with Mystic, but when we went out to the pasture to get him, Kami came over and cut her off and asked to play with Chansonette instead.
The practice on the ball made all the difference. Today, Chansonette was able to sink back into a halt that stopped Kami in her tracks and she had some turns using just body language, no reins at all. Best of all, they found and felt harmony and joy together instead of frustration and uncertainty.
I love these photos. Chansonette coming in from the pasture is idyllic. Chansonette in perfect sync with Kami at liberty. Chansonette doing neutral and straight in the pasture. Chansonette stopping to greet Mystic and Talaria in the pasture. We finished up by rounding up the horses in the pasture. A lovely time, in harmony and with joy. Life is very good.
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