Play Date September 2010

Those of you who couldn’t join us for the weekend at Crescent City will want to come out with us next year on what I suggest should be our annual play date at Crescent City.  Jody, Grace, Jan, Tara, Willie, Kathy and I had a lovely time at Crescent City this weekend.  Perfect weather, perfect setting, perfect equine partners resulted in the […]

Play Date August 2010

We had a lovely play date at the ranch last Saturday.  Normally, the August heat would have been draining, but this time we took advantage of the heat to play in our well fed irrigation pond.  Horses and humans found the water refreshing on a hot day.  What a fun way to beat the heat.  And I finally found a […]

Play Date July 2010

Since it promised to be a hot day, we started early with an arena on-line challenge, followed by play in the wooded trail course.  The horses were all left brained and cooperative and we progressed our horsemanship as well as had fun. As the day heated up, we gravitated to playing in the pond.  The hot weather made the water […]

Play Date June 2010

What a fun day we had.  Marilyn was a trooper to play with her beautiful Haflinger Gabe with her injured elbow in a sling.  Gabe was a true blue LBI – handsome and brave and trying his best for her. Cindy and Ollie continue to win the ‘most improved’ award.  I love the way Cindy keys into and releases on his every […]

Play Date August 2009

Boy, were we lucky with the weather for our August play date at the ranch.  Last week had record high temperatures, but it cooled down this week so we had a lovely day. We started out doing ground work in the trail course.  I was playing with my 4 year old, Prince.  It was really interesting to see what he […]

Play Date July 2009

It was another lovely play day.  Glad we started earlier when it was cool enough to do ground work comfortably.  If the weather is similar on August 8, we’ll start at 8:30 am again for our next play date since the arena started to feel like an oven after lunch time.    It was nice to see the horses (and […]

Play Date June 2009

We had another lovely play date at Mystic Ranch yesterday.  It turned out to be a beautiful day.   Mikayla gave a great liberty “stick to me” demo with her Casper at the walk, trot, canter, halt, back up, figure eights and weave the cones.  That horse was glued to her.  It was beautiful.  Ann showed us how she is teaching Marshall […]

Play Date May 2009

It was a great play date today.  We had perfect Spring weather with a little breeze, but lots of sunshine.  The horses were all good, trying hard and in a partnership frame of mind.  People were abuzz with positive energy and enjoyment of their horses, the day and each other.  Tara had invited a couple of her students to come […]

Jackie & Mystic Pass Parelli Level 3+ Freestyle and Officially Graduate Parelli Level 3 – April 2009

In April we submitted our video audition of Mystic and Jackie doing Level 3/4 freestyle tasks (riding bridle-less) to Parelli. I received the following email from Parelli giving us a level 3+ for our Freestyle skills and awarding us our green string for passing Level 3. Jackie- Thank you very much for your Freestyle audition. The assessment team has viewed […]

Jackie & Mystic Pass Parelli Level 3 Liberty – April 2009

In April we submitted our video audition of Mystic and Jackie doing Level 3/4 liberty tasks to Parelli. In May we received the following email from Parelli giving us a level 3 on our liberty skills and great feedback on where to focus our energies in future play sessions. “Hi Jackie, Thank you for your audition, it had been viewed […]