Play Date May 2009

Tara-doing-libertyIt was a great play date today.  We had perfect Spring weather with a little breeze, but lots of sunshine.  The horses were all good, trying hard and in a partnership frame of mind.  People were abuzz with positive energy and enjoyment of their horses, the day and each other.  Tara had invited a couple of her students to come out and observe and they seemed delighted with the atmosphere and the relationship that people had with their horses.  Tara did a nice liberty demonstration with Bud and Alice in the round pen, finishing up with some Spanish Walk just before we broke for lunch.

The food was delicious and the talk was of …… horses, of course.  Tara’s husband, Willy, made a great chili and promised the recipe.  He also  took lots of photos and will post the best on savvyriders.  Check them out.  The horses had a blast during their own lunch break, eating Spring grass, cantering around the pasture and playing in the pond.  A perfect day.

My personal high point?  I did a figure eight cantering in the arena and Mystic gave me a perfect flying lead change.  No fuss, no muss, just a flying change.  Beautiful.    Tired, but very happy.

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