Play Date July 2010

Since it promised to be a hot day, we started early with an arena on-line challenge, followed by play in the wooded trail course.  The horses were all left brained and cooperative and we progressed our horsemanship as well as had fun.

As the day heated up, we gravitated to playing in the pond.  The hot weather made the water super attractive and soon all the horses were splashing happily. That is when the “play” in play date got its real meaning.  Takoda took to the water, deciding that lying down in the pond was the best idea ever, only surpassed by getting in a really good roll after he got out of the pond!

When we broke for our pot-luck lunch, we turned the horses loose in the pasture and they showed us what horse play is all about.

I captured some of the highlights on video so click on the link, sit back and enjoy and plan on joining one of our future play dates.  They are generally the second Saturday of each month but call to verify.

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