Jackie & Mystic Pass Parelli Level 3 Liberty – April 2009

Back-by-tailIn April we submitted our video audition of Mystic and Jackie doing Level 3/4 liberty tasks to Parelli.

In May we received the following email from Parelli giving us a level 3 on our liberty skills and great feedback on where to focus our energies in future play sessions.

“Hi Jackie,

Thank you for your audition, it had been viewed and was a pleasure
to watch!! You have a great relationship with your horse!!

Congratulations on earning your Level 3 Liberty!!!

You have some things that are well beyond Level 3 already, including
your Friendly game, your horse draw and the subtle conversation you
have with your horse!

As you continue to progress be sure to develop your circling game at
liberty. At this level you should be able to stand in the center in
neutral and have your horse circle you up to 10 laps at trot and
canter. This will help your horse build its responsibilities and help
it become an even better partner.

We look forward to seeing more from you and Mystic in the future!

Kathy Baar
Parelli Audition Team”


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