Leadership at the California Coast – March 2015

This is the story of Julia demonstrating leadership with Kami at the California coast, helping Kami overcome her fear of the ocean to play at liberty by the surf, and enjoy a relaxed canter down the beach. We also rode the Redwoods, going into a huge Redwood stump and enjoying the majesty of the Redwoods. At one point, Kami slipped and fell on a muddy incline. Julia was fine, but Kami fled about 100 feet away, whickering her distress. She came back to Julia’s call and the two regained confidence to lead the way again on the trail. I am so proud of Julia and the bond she has created with Kami and the horsemanship she has demonstrated.  Jackie and Tori had a wonderful time as well on this magical expedition to the coast. Music by Mary Ann Kennedy, is used with the permission of the artist.

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