Alyssa Takes Mystic on the Trails – July 2014

Alyssa-Trail-Ride-Mystic-2014The Lindemuths came for a visit.  They were a God send at a time we needed support.  I was undergoing the last week of my daily radiation treatment for my breast cancer, Ron went into the hospital when his kidneys started to crash and Kami became very sick and needed to be driven to Eugene to be treated by the veterinary school there.  Val and Dave drove Kami up for us, held everything together at the ranch and picked Kami up the day that she and Ronald Glenn were both discharged from the hospital.  We truly could not have made it without their loving help. In between all that, Alyssa stepped up her horsemanship and started to ride Mystic son on the trail.  So proud of her.

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