Farewell Gallant Prince – June 2014

Prince-Farewell-June-2014We said goodbye to my gallant Prince charming last night.  His GI tract stopped working on Wednesday and despite all Dr. Timmons’ efforts, he couldn’t get it started again. We were with Prince at the end, stroking him and telling him of our love and gratitude for all the joy he brought into our lives.

Prince was born on April 21, 2005 at 11 pm.  Ron and I were there for his birth and I picked him up and imprinted him in his first hour of life.  He was a beautiful colt, quickly learning to lead with just a finger of pressure on the back of his neck, to stop to a touch on the front of his neck and to turn to a touch on the side of his neck.

He was enormously playful, dancing on his hind legs, boxing with Mystic in play, something he did so often when we had visiting geldings.  He loved to play follow the ball, a soft ball stuck on the end of the stick. He would follow it anywhere on the ground and I could ride him bridleless having him follow that ball on the end of the stick.  He was brave in a quiet sort of way.  He loved to lead on the trail, walked into the ocean surf and pawed in it and if a new gelding went after one of his sisters, Prince would leap to her defense. He loved doing tricks, playing at liberty and was a joy to ride.

This last year, Prince was the chosen companion of our German exchange student, Nadja. Prince taught Nadja so much. On her arrival, Nadja was inclined to tell horses to do something.  Prince taught her to relax and open herself up to the moment, to woo him, to ask and patiently wait for him to think things through.  She learned what magic a horse could offer you if you did. I told Nadja she could not corner Prince to catch him, nor could she halter Prince until Prince chose to follow her at liberty. When Prince walked away and stayed away from her, Nadja would drop to the ground, abandon her agenda and open herself up to Prince. Only then would Prince walk over to Nadja and drop his head down into her lap and happily follow her at liberty. But he did not just follow her or do as he was told. He would offer to pick up cones for her, do an obeisance or Spanish Walk, or decide to go jump the cavaletti when Nadja was riding him with just the neck string.  “Be my friend and partner and I will give you my soul” he said …. and he did.

We will never forget or stop loving this gallant little horse. Run free Prince. Dance with your friends. We will join you when it is our time to cross the rainbow bridge and we will play together again.

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