Trick Play with Kami – October 2016

Julia and Kami playing with tricks. Kami knows how to smile, touch, grab, give and step up. She had concerns about some toys that made unexpected noises: a jingle bell toy, a shiny, metallic, crinkly space blanket and a red ball that squeaked when grabbed. Watch how Julia and Kami overcame Kami’s concerns about these toys through patience and rewarding each try. Tricks are fun for horse and human and create a great bond between you. The music of Mary Ann Kennedy is used with the permission of the artist.

Beach Ride with Robin – October 2016

Robin and I took a weekend ride on the beach at Crescent City, Oregon with her two mares: Reba and Shiloh. It was a magical, healing time. Music: When You Carry Me and Trail Less Traveled by Mary Ann Kennedy is used with the permission of the artist. Enjoy!

Crystal & Talaria Finding Harmony

Crystal came out and played with Talaria today.  She took her up to the round pen and Talaria parked for her to hop on.  Talaria is normally a go”aholic, but Crystal rode her on a loose rein at a walk and sighed her to a halt.  Amazing progress for the second time she has ridden this horse!


Emma’s First Lesson

Emma came over from Klamath for her first lesson on Mystic.  I started her out on the therapy ball, working on her balance, body language for “go” and “stop”, “walk”, “trot” and “canter.”  I then sat on her back and showed her what they felt like when she was the horse and how rotating my hips left or right turned her left or right.  With that background we took Mystic up to the round pen, took off his halter and had Emma use her body language to ask Mystic to back up, walk, trot and stop.  When that was working well, Emma hopped on Mystic and I ponied her off of Tori, having her use the same body language to ask for a walk, trot, stop and back up.  Emma picked up the body language quickly and proved to have good balance.  We moved on the arena and worked on turns to her body language in a weave the cones and had her trot and canter, and then sigh Mystic to a halt.  While the lesson ended there, after we took off Mystic’s bareback pad and halter, Emma hopped back up on him and asked him to walk, turn and stop with nothing on him at all!  Great first lesson.

Chansonette’s Birthday Ride Playing with Kami

Chansonette came out for a 65th birthday trail ride on Mystic.  She invited Kami to join us on the ride.  It was an enchanting experience.  I hope you enjoy it.  “Mares” by Mary Ann Kennedy is the perfect background music and is used with the permission of the artist.  Happy birthday Chansonette!

Hannah & Kami – An Exercise in Trust

Hannah had lost confidence riding Kami because she was worried that Kami might run off with her.  To prove to Hannah that Kami would stop each and every time Hannah relaxed, sighed and sat back, I took off Kami’s halter and reins and had Hannah ride Kami with nothing on her head. You can see Hannah’s tension during the trot, but watch Kami stop when Hannah gives a sigh.

2016 JCHA Pear Blossom Parade

Tori and I rode with the JCHA in the 2016 Rogue Valley Pear Blossom Parade.  The day was bright and perfect, the crowds large and happy.  The horses were brave and Tori did most of the parade with no reins at all, slowing or stopping to my sigh.  It was a great parade and a wonderful time.  “Horses and Life” by Mary Ann Kennedy seems the perfect music and is used with the permission of the artist.

Chansonette Plays at Liberty with Kami and Mystic April 2016

Chansonette came out for a lesson with Mystic.  Kami asked to come on our trail ride so I ponied her out to the trail and turned her loose. The lesson ended up focusing on the magic of creating harmony with your horse – the one you are riding and the one who is running free next to you, in front of you, behind you or a hundred yards to one side of you.  Coercion is not an option.  To have her choose you over everything else requires joy in her beauty and freedom as she leaves and greater joy when  she returns to check in. It is an utterly enchanting experience. With that as a base of harmony, Chansonette did some lovely riding of Mystic with just seat, legs and a touch of neck string and a whole lot of harmony.  The “Trail Less Traveled” by Mary Ann Kennedy is perfect for this video and is used with the permission of the artist.

Kami’s Liberty Trail Adventure April 2016

Kami banged on the gate asking to join us on a trail ride.  I ponied her out to the trail, then turned her loose and she had a blast, leading the way, trotting off to explore, returning to check in with us, grazing, catching up and finally leading us safely home.  This mare is so much fun!  Mary Ann Kennedy’s “Mares” is the perfect background music and is used with the permission of the artist.