Sharon Regains her Courage with Mystic – July 2014

Sharon-Mystic-2014I met Sharon on Facebook. She had a bad horse accident and was torn between her deep love of horses and the pain from her injuries and fear of getting hurt again.  I fully understood because I was recovering from a bad fall off Kami myself.  We talked about our love of horses and fear and Sharon decided to come up and spend five days with me and Mystic.  Sharon divided her time between doing liberty with Tessa and riding Mystic.  Tessa taught Sharon a lot about reading horses, communicating with them using body language and being a leader that a pushy mare like Tessa can respect.  Mystic instilled confidence in Sharon. He absorbed her fear and told her she was safe. He let her know what her body language meant to him and rewarded her slightest improvement and clarity.  By the end of that five days, Sharon was riding Mystic in the woods, on the trail and around horses loose in the pasture with confidence.  Watching Sharon’s transformation was so very healing for me.  I am so grateful to her for this wonderful time together.

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