Nadja’s Oregon Adventures 2013 to 2015

This video is a loving reflection of Nadja Rietdorff’s many equestrian adventures with us at Mystic Ranch. Nadja was our German exchange student from 2013 to 2014. She fell in love with our Paso Fino gelding, Prince. Together they explored Oregon trails, rode the Pacific Ocean beach and California redwoods, took a Mountain Trail clinic, learned to jump and ride bridle-less, do tricks and a lot of liberty play. Prince taught Nadja to be self aware, leaving her if she became unhappy, returning when she found happiness in herself. Their magical relationship ended when Prince died two days before she returned to Germany. Nadja returned during the summer of 2015 and bonded with our Paso Fino mare, Tessa. Tessa taught her own lessons of leadership and laughter and Nadja’s heart was captured a second time. Nadja became the daughter of our hearts and while we miss her presence each day, we are delighted that we continue to share her life through weekly Skype sessions. We love you Nadja. Music is by Mary Ann Kennedy. It perfectly captures the magical relationship of girl and horses and is used with permission of the artist.

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