Julia’s Oregon Adventures 2014 to 2015

This video is a loving reflection of Julia Kauschke’s equestrian development and adventures while an exchange student at Mystic Ranch. Julia never knew you could play with a horse on the ground or teach them to do tricks. She had never ridden without a saddle or bridle back in Germany. Riding without reins at all seemed impossible! Julia fell in love with our Paso Fino mare, Kami, while we were riding at Crescent City, California. Kami is smart and playful but often unconfident, relying on her rider to give her confidence. Julia had to learn to trust herself and her mare and turn Kami’s reins loose. As she did, Kami’s confidence blossomed and the two became one – playing on the ground together at liberty, learning and doing tricks and riding, first on a loose rein and then bridle-less. As Julia’s confidence grew with Kami, she discovered that she was the young woman who “can,” rather than the girl who “can not.” Julia is the daughter of our hearts and while we miss her daily presence, we are so glad we can share in her life through Skype. Music by Mary Ann Kennedy perfectly captures the loving relationship these two built together and is used with the permission of the artist.

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