Jackie & Mystic Pass Parelli Level 3+ Online – April 2009

Two-Rein-DrivingIn April we submitted our video audition of Mystic and Jackie doing Level 3/4 online tasks to Parelli.

In May we received the following email from Parelli giving us a level 3+ on our online skills and great feedback on where to focus our energies in future play sessions.

Thank you very much for your on line audition.  It was a pleasure to
watch.  Please allow me to be the first to congratulate you!  Your on
line savvy is level 3+!!  Great job!!!

Now as you start thinking about heading towards level 4 there are a
few things to consider.  The first is that it will serve you to get
Mystic out on the end of the 45′ line, maintain gait and direction and
also hunting for obstacles.  It would be great for him to really learn
to maintain his responsibilities at greater distances.  Be sure that
you are able to remain neutral in the center after you send him as
well.  You had a tendency to watch him as he made his laps as well as
lead him with your following arm.  Remember you must first allow him
to make a mistake and then correct him, otherwise you are
micromanaging him.

One other thing is that you had a really great send into the trailer,
but Mystic did not seem too comfortable to stay in.  Just offer him
enough opportunities to come out that he then decides it is not
necessary.  You will know that he is thinking his way in when he does
not feel the need to turn around.

Thank you very much for your dedication to your horse and to the
Parelli program.  We look forward to viewing your future success.


Kristi S. Smith
Parelli Assessment Team”

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