Samantha the Mule – Nov 2013

John-and-Samantha-Jan-2014John brought his molly mule, Samantha, over and asked me to help the two of them get a better understanding of each other.  Samantha was happy to carry John as long as someone led her, but if he tried to ride her on his own, she wouldn’t budge.  Spanking her or kicking her resulted in her looking at you as though you were demented…. and she still wouldn’t budge.  I asked Mystic to nip her butt, which did get her to move, until Mystic declared himself unwilling to do such a silly thing. I then thought to pony Samantha off of Mystic down the road, then unsnapped the lead line and headed home myself. Samantha thought about that and carried John home.  We went further afield day by day and finally, Samantha no longer needed to be ponied. She would simply walk along.  Great mule and loving owner, now on the same page.

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