Play Date October 2010

ArenainfogThe weather was perfect for the play date today.  Cool and a little damp and breezy, but perfect for playing on the ground and in the saddle.  We had a large turnout today, up to 16 horses playing, a mix of old friends and people new to Parelli and the ranch.

As usual we started on the ground and in pretty short order, horses and people settled and found their partnership frame of mind.  Ursula, one of Tara’s students borrowed Tori for the day. Ann’s yearling Atwood colt put all four feet inside the big inner tube, the teeter – totter and car wash were tested and mastered.  The bridge was a little slick with the showers last night and, if not approached dead square, down right slippery.

The high point for me was having Mystic mount the teeter-totter from the side and – looking at it as a pedestal, stood happily on a loose rein on it.  Change the picture of the stimulus and change the response…… how interesting.

Debbie’s Dancer had his roll in the pond (though I personally thought it a bit chilly for a dip – but there is no accounting for taste).  Ann and the girls went loping around the pasture, using the ponds as a big figure eight pattern.  Grace and I followed their lead and did our follow the rail, weave the cone, barrel pattern and figure eight patterns in the pasture.  Hold the pattern in your mind and its amazing how the horses just sync into it with you. All in all, a fun day.

We will be entering into rainy season soon so this may be the last play date at Mystic Ranch for a while unless the weather stays dry.

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