Play Date at Mystic Ranch – August 2015

Mystic Ranch hosted a play date in August 2015. For the first hour, we turned 16 horses free to play together in our wooded trail course. The horses had a blast interacting with each other and racing each other. No fights and no injuries, just true “horsin’ around.” Once they settled, people played on the ground and rode their horses in the trail course and arena, playing with obstacles. After a potluck lunch, Anne Frankowski gave swimming lessons to horses in our pond. We finished with a beautiful trail ride through meadows, woods and hills. The next morning Hannah came out and played with Kami at liberty in the arena, while Anne played with Maia. Kami showed Hannah how she could pick up a 50 gallon barrel and Hannah taught Kami to carry a cone to give it to Hannah. Anne rode Maia with nothing at all, trusting her mare completely. So much fun playing with horses, sharing our love of our horses with others. It was a great time. If you were there, hope this video makes you smile in memory. If you missed it, maybe you will come next time. Music by Mary Ann Kennedy is used with the permission of the artist: Horsin’ Around, Horses and Life and Heart in Your Hand.

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