Kami – July 1, 2006


On July 1, 2006,  Talaria gave birth to a beautiful chestnut filly. We named her Kami, which means “natural spirit” in Japanese.  Growing up with  natural horsemanship, this little filly has boundless trust in people and little fear of things around her. Like all Pasos, she was gaiting smoothly within hours of her birth. Kami arrived just in time and was just the right size to introduce some of our younger students to horses. For a four year old and six year old child, a newborn foal was a lot less intimidating than Mystic, our 15.2 hand gelding, and she was an instant hit with the children. So, young girls and a young filly taught each other all about yielding, picking up feet, and leading, the natural way. We expect great things of Kami.

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