Hannah’s First Ride on Kami March 2016

Hannah fell in love with Kami over a year ago but was afraid to ride. Rather than give up on her dream of riding Kami, she learned to teach Kami tricks and to play with her at liberty, learning a lot about reading Kami’s emotions and using her body language to communicate with Kami. Finally, she took the leap of riding Mystic, learning to communicate with her seat and legs. She even rode him bridle-less to help convince herself that he would stop to her sigh. Today, Kami came to the gate and asked that Hannah ride her, not Mystic, and Hannah rode Kami for the first time. Kami is more sensitive to Hannah’s emotions than Mystic. When Hannah tightens, Kami does too, pinning back her ears. Hannah must find confidence and relaxation to make this dream come true. She is on that path. I am very proud of them both. Music “Heart in Your Hands” by Mary Ann Kennedy, is used with the permission of the artist.


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