Farewell Cisco, My Man – Sept 2015

Cisco-FarewellIt is with great sadness that I report that Val’s 31 year old Cisco had a stroke and died at the ranch.  For those of you who knew him, Cisco was a consummate gentleman with horses and humans. He adored his Val and wherever he was in the pasture, if she called to him, he would always come to her. He could be counted on to fall in love with any mare who came to live on the ranch and would protect them from any attacker.  For the first two years he lived with us, he never went into the pond.  One hot day during Val’s visit, I suggested she teach him to enjoy the pond.  She got into shorts and sneakers and walked into the pond and invited Cisco to join her.  He looked a bit doubtful, but followed her into the water at liberty.  I suggested that she splash and invite Cisco to do the same.  She did and Cisco learned the joy of splashing in the water on a hot day.  They had a beautiful relationship and we will miss Cisco so very much. Our sorrow is lessened by knowing that he had a long and happy life and retirement at Mystic Ranch.

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