Treating Equine Melanomas with Cannabis Oil – A Case Study – Nov 2017

This video is a photographic case study on treating equine melanomas with Cannabis Oil, based on a year long treatment of my 16 year old Paso Fino mare, Tori. In August 2016, Tori had so many tumors on her anus and in her rectum that she could only pass single balls of manure and was in pain as she did so and the black tar oozing from those tumors coated her silver tail and legs black. I started daily washing her perineum, drying it and applying a coat of Cannabis Oil to the surface of the skin. The video shows monthly photos taken of the tumors as I applied daily cannabis oil to the surface of her anus. the strain I used is called “Frost” and has 11% THC and 0% CBD. After about a year, it appeared that the tumors were trying to regrow and I started syringing 3-5 ccs of Cannabis Oil into her mouth each day in addition to treating the tumors directly. In January 2018, I switched to using a Cannabis Oil strain called “Swiss” that has 6% THC and 11.7 % CBD. That strain appears to be working even better than Frost, with the combination of THC and CBD being more effective than THC alone. The photos clearly show that the tumors reduced in number and size over the time cannabis was used. It is my hope that veterinary colleges will view this video and undertake research to determine which strains of cannabis and what characteristics of THC and CBD are most effective at treating equine melanomas. If you have questions about Tori’s treatment or want copies of these photos, please contact me at

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