Learning Trust, Harmony & Leadership

What Will You Learn?

Since 2003, Jackie Decker has taught people to create harmony with the horse, which results in the horse choosing to flow with their intention and body language. Her approach benefits both experienced riders and those who are just starting out. She teaches students to use their breath to center and relax themselves and the horse; to understand the horse's body language; to develop rapport and trust through laughter and play; and use their own body language to communicate clearly to the horse.

It is a magical process. As Jackie's student, you will start on the ground with the horse at liberty, and then progress to riding the horse with nothing on its head.  You will learn that body language, trust, leadership, and joy are universal between the horse and the human. Once you can use these qualities with the horse, you can access these qualities at home or in the office as well.

Building rapport and trust in your horse teaches you how to build rapport and trust in others. Communicating with body language helps you become a clear communicator.  As you become a person a horse chooses to follow, balance, calm, clarity, and leadership become part of who you are.

You must build rapport & trust first

You must build rapport & trust first

Use play & body language to create harmony

Use play & body language to create harmony

With harmony, the horse follows your intention & body language

With harmony, the horse follows your intention & body language

You become the leader your horse chooses to follow

You become the kind of leader your horse chooses to follow



Jackie excels at teaching people to relate to their horse in a way that brings out confidence and trust in both horse and human, whether on the ground or in the saddle. - Robin Keeton, Gold Hill, Oregon

I became a horsewoman with Jackie’s help!!! - Julia Kauschke, Siegen, Germany

Every part of each lesson with you and your horses is enlightening, happy, fulfilling, exciting, and full of love and laughter. What magic! - Claudia Dow, Medford, Oregon

Jackie's approach to overcoming fear was just what I needed. She started me out with learning about making a connection with your horse on the ground... - Sharon Burdell Olivieri, Lake Arrowhead, California

Even now, when I’m playing with a horse, Prince and Jackie are there telling me to be patient, sigh and wait, and most of all to smile and laugh. I will always carry with me what I learned at Mystic Ranch. - Nadja Rietdorff, Berlin, Germany

Thank you Jackie for giving me my dream and teaching me to connect with a horse in a way I never thought could happen.  - Melanie Gebers, Jacksonville, Oregon

Jackie has the talent to explain what the horse is thinking to people of every age. - Anne Frankowski, Hamburg, Germany

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