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Sales Philosophy

We have raised and trained all of the Paso Finos that we sell. Because we know and love each of these horses, we want to make sure that you buy the right horse for YOU. We want the horse to love you and its new home and you to love that horse as a member of your family forever. In addition to the emotional connection between you and the horse, we want to help you understand how to communicate with your new equine partner. We typically ask that a prospective purchaser lease the horse in question for enough time to make sure that the fit is perfect and all communications issues are resolved BEFORE the horse is sold and moves away.

We have a right of first refusal in each sales contract. If you can’t or don’t want to keep the horse, we would prefer to buy it back than to have it go someplace where it would not be loved and appreciated.

If you purchase one of our horses you become a member of our “horse family.” You are always welcome at the ranch and we are always available to answer questions on how to best handle any issues that come up after the sale.

Lease a Paso Fino

If you haven’t decided to take the plunge and buy a Paso Fino, you might want to find out whether you want a Paso in your life by leasing one of our Paso Finos for the monthly boarding fee. If you aren’t experienced, take enough lessons to get you and the horse in sync and we’ll even let you use our tack until you buy your own. If you aren’t ready for the long-term commitment of owning your own horse, leasing may be the approach for you. Even if you are an experienced horseman, leasing is a good way of ensuring that the fit is perfect and that you truly understand your equine partner before you buy.

Horses Sold
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Topsy & Erik / Estrella & Jan / Sirena & the Meyer Family

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